Campus Redevelopment: Preview of Teaching Room

Campus Redevelopment

Delivering a World-Class Music Conservatoire for Ireland

The new RIAM Campus will double the number of teaching and practice rooms, provide new and enhanced facilities, and create a space for collaboration to flourish.

The start of our new academic year in September 2022 will see pre-school, second and third-level music education, professional training and development, research, and exceptional performance work in harmony together in one dynamic and creative space.

Ireland’s home for music education.

Key Features will include:

RIAM Recital Hall

This hall will be the first in Ireland primarily devoted to chamber music and small ensemble and its state of the art acoustics and design will match the highest international standards. From a student perspective, the opportunity to perform in a venue of this quality is unsurpassed.

Campus Redevelopment: Library

The new RIAM Library will become a vital resource for researchers, practitioners and students. This will provide a cutting-edge learning hub for our full-time graduate-level students and, for junior students, a bespoke ‘zoned area’ for homework and private study.

Campus Redevelopment: Opera Hub

An opera studio space, with floor measurements to match a typical opera stage and a ceiling height to optimize acoustics will provide a stunning home for opera rehearsal on site.


For the first time, RIAM will be able to offer a consistent musical experience to people of all ages who would benefit from tailor-made programmes, including children on the autistic spectrum and older people who are recovering from strokes and other debilitating conditions.

Campus Redevelopment: SONIC ARTS HUB

The bespoke Sonic Arts Hub will include a state-of-the-art recording studio and all the latest technology to develop student skills and facilitate next generation electro-acoustic composition.


The €24 million re-development of the Royal Irish Academy of Music is an Irish success story and a source of national pride. This prestigious campus will be the locus of excellence in classical music performance and research, making daily positive impacts on the training of young performers in Ireland.

The RIAM re-development is supported by the Government of Ireland (€9 million), RIAM’s generous Irish and American philanthropists who have donated €10 million to dtae, with a €3 million contribution from RIAM.

RIAM is now looking to close out our major gift programme with a final €2 million fundraising campaign. We have carefully saved some very special naming opportunities for this final mile in our marathon, hoping that we might find musical heroes who can make transformational gifts to help bring the campaign home. These include individual faculty floors, the sonic arts hub and the penthouse library.

In return for support of any of these key spaces, donors will receive:

  • Naming Rights for the lifetime of the re-developed building, with name mounted prominently, visible on arrival at location
  • An opening and celebratory naming reception, held in the donor’s honour
  • References to the donor in print materials and publicity

Further information

To find out more, or to organise a ‘hard hat’ tour of the building site, please contact Audrey Phelan ( +35387 6853726)

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