Podium Centre for Performing Ensembles

RIAM Podium is our programme for advanced orchestral training.

It programmes a range of immersive projects annually for a select cohort of pre-professional musicians to train them to be confident and industry-ready orchestral (and other ensemble) players.

RIAM Philharmonia - Horn section

Photo: Colm Hogan


The RIAM Podium activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Working with specialist guest conductors
  • Sectionals and side-by-side work with professional orchestral musicians
  • Individual coaching with international calibre RIAM faculty
  • Mentoring in Irish and international professional orchestras
  • Platform and orchestral audition training
  • Performance psychology, Feldenkrais and Mindfulness.
  • Irish Chamber Orchestra

The RIAM Podium Ensembles

The central Podium ensemble is the RIAM Philharmonia, which performs the works of Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven and 19th and 20th century works. Other ensembles include the RIAM Percussion Ensemble, RIAM Opera Orchestra and RIAM Early Music Ensemble.