Access Course

  • Application deadline
    24 March 2023
  • Course duration
    1 year
  • Course fee
  • Course fee (non-EU/EEA)

Course Introduction

The Access course is a one-year full time programme for students who wish to work on their practical and academic areas in preparation for a third-level music degree programme.

It also appeals to students who wish to strengthen their musical skills, enrich their appreciation of music and ascertain whether a career in music might be for them.

This course will provide you with a comprehensive foundation in rudiments, basic harmony, aural training and the history of music. Individual weekly practical lessons in your Instrument/Voice are also included.

Each study year has 30 weeks in total - 24 academic teaching weeks and six performance spotlight weeks. There are no academic classes in the performance spotlight weeks, but your practical instrument lessons continue across all 30 weeks.

The performance spotlight weeks provide you with the time and space to focus solely on your instrument. You may be involved in masterclasses, orchestral activities, choral singing or other performance projects.


Course Outline

  • Individual Practical Lesson – one hour per week with your principal study teacher
  • Rudiments /Harmony – the foundations of music theory
  • Aural Training – developing a good ear
  • History of music – a survey of important music developments from 1600 to the present
  • Performance class – weekly sessions in which you play for your peers and receive constructive feedback
  • Masterclasses – with international artists
  • Chamber music – exploring this repertoire to develop good listening skills and knowledge of style
  • Large ensemble – orchestra, wind ensemble, choir as appropriate to your instrument/voice