How to Apply: Junior RIAM

To apply for tuition with Junior RIAM, the process begins with an online application

You can apply for up to three subjects per application.

The deadline for all applications is 1st December

The entry & audition requirements for studying in Junior RIAM are outlined below. 

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Absolute beginners in piano and strings (except for harp) will be automatically offered a two-year introductory course involving small group tuition, which requires no audition.

Beginners will be accepted between the age of 6 and 8. Places are available subject to availability.

Beginners applying for Woodwind, Brass and Percussion are normally eligible to apply for an individual place up to the age of 12, except for lower wind and brass (such as bassoon, trombone and tuba) who may be older.

At the audition, these applicants will be asked to sing a song or play on an instrument they are already learning, take part in an instrument suitability check, and take simple ear tests.

To help you prepare for the ear tests, you can purchase the RIAM Aural Tests Book, and work on preliminary and primary levels.

Piano, Strings, Wind, Brass and Percussion

Applicants will be asked to prepare two pieces of own choice, and may also be asked scales, arpeggios and sight-reading at their grade level. 


Applicants should be age 15 years and over. You should prepare two songs for audition, one of which must be from the classical repertoire.