RIAM ChamberFest Dublin 2021


ChamberFest Dublin 2021

Founded in 2019 by the RIAM’s Head of Strings and Chamber Music, Sarah Sew, ChamberFest Dublin is rooted in the RIAM’s aim to provide high quality and meaningful performance experiences for students.

In today’s constantly evolving music world, collaboration and inventive exploration are vital skills for the next generation of musicians, and in the programming of ChamberFest Dublin 2021, students have played a key role in forming their own chamber groups, researching and choosing repertoire.

During ChamberFest Dublin 2021, the RIAM will present a series of live-streamed and pre-recorded concerts from its home base on Westland Row, in addition to a number of other Dublin venues, featuring a wide palette of music performed by some of its most exceptional students.

ChamberFest Dublin is generously supported by an anonymous donor.

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ChamberFest 2021 runs from 19 April - 2 May.

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Download the complete programme here: ChamberFest Dublin 2021: Programme

Opening Concert 
Live-streamed from the Royal Irish Academy of Music at 7.30pm 
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Bacewicz: String Quartet No 1
New Wave Quartet 

Ewald: Brass Quintet No 1 Op 5
Irish Chamber Brass 

Beethoven:  Adagio - Allegro Con Brio from Septet in E-flat Major Op 20
Jisun Min, violin; Arianna Ciommiento, viola; Alice Romano, cello; Carlos Eduardo Gomes, double bass; Jarlath Mulholland, clarinet; Eunsuh Park, bassoon and Niamh Huethorst, horn

Lunchtime Concert 
Live-streamed from the Royal Irish Academy of Music at 1.00 pm  

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Borodin: Allegro moderato and Notturno: Andante from String Quartet No 2 in D Major
Tatyana Wearen, violin; Kevin Meehan, violin; Lucy Varney, viola and Peadar Ó Loinsigh, cello 

Krommer: Allegro Moderato, Romanza and Rondo from Oboe Trio in F major
Gershwin arr Matthew Manning: “I Got Rhythm”

Holly Chilton, oboe; Maria Jose Rojas Cruz, oboe and Ben Gannon, oboe   


Evening Concert 'Impressions from Bohemia' 
Live-streamed from the Royal Irish Academy of Music at 7.30pm
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Smetana: Moderato assai and Allegro, ma non agitato from Piano Trio in G minor, Op 15
Ella Nagy, piano; Inana Garis, violin and Alex Felle, double bass

Smetana: Allegro vivo - Appassionato and Allegro moderato a la polka from String Quartet No 1 in E Minor “From my life”
Quartet Agharta  

Dvořák: Finale: Vivace ma non troppo from String Quartet in F Major Op 96 “American”
Iveagh Quartet   

Dvořák: Allegro ma non tanto from Piano Quintet in A major Op 81
Kah Mun Ong, piano; Jisun Min, violin; Erin Hennessey, violin; Arianna Ciommiento, viola and  Alice Romano, cello

Lunchtime Concert 
Live-streamed from the Royal Irish Academy of Music at 1.00pm
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Jolivet: Sonatine for Flute and Clarinet                             
Meadhbh O'Rourke, flute and Patrick Burke, clarinet  

Poulenc: Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano FP 43
Ben Gannon, oboe; Eunsuh Park, bassoon andChuhan Jin, piano 

Astor Piazzolla: Cinco Piezas for Violin and Double Bass 
Jisun Min, violin and Carlos Eduardo Gomes, double bass


Early Evening Concert 
Live-streamed from the Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI) at 5.00pm 
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Schubert: Allegro and Andante con moto from String Quartet No 14 in D Minor D810 “Death and the Maiden”  
The Nova Quartet 

Bruch: Andante, Allegro con moto and Andante con moto from 8 Pieces Op 83
Holly Chilton, oboe; Albert Espina Carpi, cello and Chuyun Hu, piano  

Gál: Trio for Oboe, Violin and Viola Op 94  
Trio Zoticus 

Lunchtime Event 
Live-streamed from the Royal Irish Academy of Music at 1.00 pm
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Historical Performance Presentations 
Scordatura and “Cross-Tunings” in Folk and Classical Traditions 

Erin Hennessey, baroque violin and Matthew Breen, harpsichord 

Biber: Rosary Sonata No 2 in A Major, “The Visitation” (completed c. 1676, published 1905) 
Tartini: Pastorale in A Major, B A16, Grave and Allegro (c.1731) 
“Three Forks of Cheat” from the playing of the Hammons Family, West Virginia, recorded in 1947 

Discovering Early Italian Violin Sonatas 
Jenna Raggett, baroque violin and Matthew Breen, harpsichord 

Cima: Sonata Prima for Violin and Violine from the collection of Concerti Ecceliasticci (Milano 1610) 
Castello: Sonata Prima, Sonate Concertante in stil Moderno, Libro secondo (Venice, 1629) 
Fontana: Sonata Seconda (Venice 1641) 

Simplifying Bass Lines in Baroque Music  
 Alex Felle, double bass; Erin Hennessey, baroque violin; Jenna Raggett, baroque violin; Matthew Breen, harpsichord and Peadar Ó Loinsigh, baroque cello  
Handel: Trio Sonata in F major, Op 5 No 6 HWV 401  


Evening Concert
Live-streamed from the Royal Irish Academy of Music at 7.30 pm
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Nino Rota: Trio for Flute, Violin and Piano
Aleyna Tunca, violin; Daniel Boon, piano and Kim O’Brien, flute  

Minna Keal: Ballade
Abigail Gallardo, viola and Chuhan Jin, piano

Astor Piazzolla: Histoire du Tango
Jack Kennedy, guitar and Jisun Min, violin 

Lunchtime Concert 
Live-streamed from the Royal Irish Academy of Music at 1.00 pm
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Poulenc: Clarinet Sonata FP 184
Saint-Saëns: Allegretto and Allegro animato from Clarinet Sonata in E-flat Major Op 167 

Jarlath Mulholland, clarinet and JJ McNamara, piano 

Labor: Allegro, Scherzo: Allegro vivace and Andante from Piano Quintet in E Minor Op 3
Frasier Hickland, piano; Jenna Raggett, violin; Inana Garis, viola; Peadar Ó Loinsigh, cello and
Alex Felle, double bass 

Early Evening Concert
Live-streamed from the Museum of Literature Ireland at 5.00 pm
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Debussy: Animé et très décidé from String Quartet in G minor Op 10  
Caoilfhinn Tan, violin; Jenna Raggett, violin; Eve Quigley, viola and Alice Romano, cello 

Shostakovich: Five Pieces for Two Violins and Piano  
Fantasy Trio 

Brahms: Am Strand 
Mendelssohn: Herbstlied 
Chausson: La Nuit 
Purcell: Let Us Wander  

Caoimh Ella Lundy, soprano; Lauren McCann, soprano; Sophie Redmond Kehoe, mezzo-soprano; 
Heather Sammon, mezzo-soprano; Xu Fei Han, piano and Dean Kelly, piano

Lunchtime Concert 
Live-streamed from Royal Irish Academy of Music at 1.00 pm
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Mozart: Piano and Violin Sonata in E minor K304
Emma O’Brien, piano and Leila Clarke-Carr, violin

Mendelssohn: Nos I, II and V from Six Childrens Pieces arranged for Wind Quartet Op 72
The Ventus Quartet 

Dvořák: Terzetto in C Major Op 74
André Stokes, violin; Xinyi Hu, violin and Eve Quigley, viola 

Rossini: Quartet No 1 in F Major 
The Ventus Quartet 

Lunchtime Concert 
Live-streamed from the Royal Irish Academy of Music at 1.00 pm 
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Schumann: Romanzen Op 94 
Poulenc: Oboe Sonata FP 185                

Ben Gannon, oboe and Tanya Massey, piano

Reger: Larghetto from Serenade Op 141a  
Beethoven: Serenade in D major Op 25

Trio Primo

Lunchtime Concert 
Live-streamed from the Royal Irish Academy of Music at 1.00 pm
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Beethoven: Variations in E-flat Major on “Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen” from Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte WoO46
N Boulanger: Trois piecès

Sonas Duo

Debussy: Violin Sonata in G Minor  
Caoilfhinn Tan, violin and Daniel Boon, piano


Evening Concert
Streamed from the Pepper Canister Church at 7.30 pm
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Telemann: Canonic Sonata No 2 in F Major       
Loeillet: Sonata No 1 in A Minor 

Dáire Ní Chonaill, recorder and Rachel Nolan, flute 

Beethoven: Six Minutes Wo09
Colla McParland, violin; Megan Churcher, violin and Alex Felle, double bass 

Purcell: Excerpts from The Fairy Queen
Kevin Meehan, violin; Xinyi Hu, violin; Lucy Varney, viola; Peadar Ó Loinsigh, cello; Carlos Eduardo Gomes, double bass; Dáire Ní Chonaill, recorder and Arthur Greene, harpsichord

Evening Concert 'Visions and Dreams' [Live-streamed] 
Organ Room, Royal Irish Academy of Music at 7.30 pm
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Schubert: Nacht und Träume  
Grieg: Ein Traum
R Strauss: Traum durch die Dämmerung
Gounod: Sérénade
Gounod: La Siesta
Fauré: Après un rêve
Roger Quilter: Three Duets

Caroline Behan, soprano; Aimee Rose Willett, soprano; Matthew Mannion, bass baritone and Doireann O'Carroll, piano

Messiaen: Amen de la Création, Amen de l’agonie de Jésus, Amen du désir and Amen des anges, des saints, du chant des oiseaux from Visions de l’Amen 
Laoise McMullin, piano and Rachel O’Hara, piano 

Evening Concert 
Streamed from the Pepper Canister Church at 7.30pm
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Reinberger: Praeludium and Canzone from Suite for Violin and Organ Op 166  
Aleyna Tunca, violin and Arthur Greene, organ 

Villa Lobos: Choros No 2
Marian Ingoldsby: Deuce  

Meadhbh O'Rourke, flute and Patrick Burke, clarinet 

Christopher Rouse: Ku-ka-ilimoku 
John Cage: Second Construction
David Skidmore: Ritual Music
RIAM Percussion Ensemble 

ChamberFest Dublin
Closing Concert ‘Re: Form’

Streamed from National Gallery of Ireland, Sunday 2 May, 7.30pm
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Ensemble Interforma
Sarah Sew, director

The closing concert of ChamberFest 2021 features the exhilarating Ensemble Interforma under the directorship of violinist, Sarah Sew. "Re:Form" explores the ideal of an organic approach to re-forming traditional ensembles, and looks to a future "reform" of traditional ideals on relation to instrumentation/orchestration.  An inspiring final concert for ChamberFest 2021 by this cutting edge ensemble delivering high impact music by composers Johann Strauss II/Brett Dean, Igor Stravinsky, Anna Clyne and Jennifer Walshe.


J Strauss II arr Brett Dean: Die Fledermaus
Jennifer Walshe: Zussamen i
Stravinsky: Concerto in E flat (Dumbarton Oaks) 
Anna Clyne: Within Her Arms


Sponsored by The John Pollard Foundation

Presented in partnership with the National Gallery of Ireland.