Theresa Doyle 

ICT Manager
PhD, MSc IT Edu, BSc (Bus and Inf Tech), (Hon) MA, BA

Theresa Doyle is an Arts graduate of UCD and a Science graduate of Trinity College Dublin.

Theresa joined the RIAM Administration staff in 1980. For over 35 years at the helm of the RIAM Local Centre Examination System, Theresa helped to modernise the operation of the external examination network nationwide. She also spearheaded numerous initiatives which led to a major expansion of the system.

Theresa took up the role of RIAM ICT Manager in 2015 to further develop the computer infrastructure, to rationalise systems, to streamline processes, and to oversee the transition of services to the cloud.

In 2016 Theresa was awarded a PhD by Trinity College for the design, implementation and evaluation of a personalised dual-adaptive learning system for caregivers, to help them meet the challenge of teaching social interaction skills to children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).

Doyle, T. "STAK : Social skills training for autistic kids: a personalised dual-adaptive learning system for caregivers", PhD Thesis, Trinity College University of Dublin, 2016. 

Doyle T. & Arnedillo-Sánchez, I. "Using multimedia to reveal the hidden code of everyday behaviour to children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs)". Computers & Education 56 (2011): 357-369. 

Doyle T. & Arnedillo-Sánchez, I. "Social Skills Training for Autistic Kids -STAK." Paper presented at 8th Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference (iHCI), Dublin City University, 2014