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Kiana Shafei

RIAM Guest Lecture Series 2019/20

All guest lectures are open to the public and free to attend.

Dr Kiana Shafiei (Royal Northern College of Music), Wednesday 13 November 2019: ‘The Place of Intertextuality in Music Performance: A Reflection on Methods for Articulating Interpretative Decisions in Practice-based Research’

Dr Estelle Murphy (Maynooth University), Wednesday 15 January 2020: ‘'William Boyce’s Ode Manuscripts: Music, Marginalia, and Mapping.'

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Dr Inja Stanovic (University of Huddersfield), Wednesday 26 February 2020: ‘Performing, Recording and (Re)constructing: a guide for historically-informed performance’ 


RIAM Amplify Research Day 2020 

Date: Thursday 12 March 

Venue: IMRO, Pembroke Row, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2

Programme to follow 


Amplify Research Day 2019 

Venue: Recital Room, RIAM

Date: Thursday, 11 April 2019

The RIAM's annual Amplify Research Day brings together members of the RIAM Faculty as well as Masters and Doctorate students to present their research projects. The programme includes presentations, lightning talks, and performances.

In 2019, our guest speaker was Dr Denise White (Ulster University & Le Chéile Project) who spoke on the topic of inclusive creativity. The slides from Vourneen Ryan’s (RIAM Wind Faculty) presentation are available on the TARA Research Repository.

Ryan, Vourneen, ‘Can music performance anxiety be managed through mental skills training?’, presentation at RIAM Amplify Research Day, RIAM, Dublin, 11 April 2019. 

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Amplify Research Day 2019 Programme

10.00: Welcome & Introduction

10.05: Writing a harmony textbook for third level students – Jean Archibald and Marie Moran (RIAM Musicianship Faculty)

10.25: The solo piano works of Fanny Robinson – Réamonn Keary (RIAM Keyboard Faculty)

10.45: Arcangelo Corelli, Adagio from Sonate op 5/4: continuo realisation in French, Italian and German style – Solomiya Maksymiv (MMus)

11.00: Tea and Coffee

11.30: Can music performance anxiety be managed through mental skills training? – Vourneen Ryan (RIAM Wind Faculty)

11.55: An investigation on piano tone colours: Schumann meets Brahms – Kah Mun Ong (MMus)

12.10: Towards professionalism: a comparison of the development of European and American a cappella performance – Ciarán Kelly (MMus)

12.25: Compare and contrast the theme of love in Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro and Beaumarchais’s The Marriage of Figaro – James Danaswamy (MMus) – Withdrawn

12.40: Historically informed and experimentally innovative: perceptions of the organ in contemporary society – Patrice Keegan (DMusPerf)

12.50: A performer’s exploration of selected nineteenth century solo piano works by female composers: an outline of planned approach – Deirbhile Brennan (DMusPerf)

1.00: Lunch (Not provided)

2.00: A performative examination of Aaron Copland’s Piano Variations – Alexander Bernstein (DMusPerf)

2.25: John Williams: changing the culture of the classical guitar – Michael O’Toole (RIAM Strings Faculty)

2.50: El Niño, an oratorio by John Adams: the story of the Nativity from the female perspective – Megan O’Neill (MMus)

3.05: ‘Suit your words to your music well’: a schematic approach to English Baroque word-setting and performance – Cathal Twomey (Maynooth University)

3.30: Break

3.45: Oral contraceptives and the voice – Dr Imelda Drumm (RIAM Vocal Faculty)

4.10: Gender in the orchestra – Faith Wasson (MMus)

4.25: The impact of inclusive creativity: improvisation, inclusion and innovation – Dr Denise White (Ulster University)

4.55: Close

5.00: Reception