PIANOFEST 2022 Results

Published: 18th Feb, 2022

A week-long feast of piano playing at the RIAM was enjoyed from 14 - 18 February 2022 as RIAM students competed in numerous competitions across all ages and repertoires. Adjudicators Nicholas O'Halloran, Gabriela Mayer and Mary Lennon commented on the strength of young talent coming through at the RIAM. They unanimously congratulated all competitors on providing them with challenging adjudications across all awards.


Cup 1st Prize 2nd Prize
Audrey Chisholm Cup Rachel O'Hara Brendan Kennedy
Margaret O'Hea Cup Rachel O'Hara Glenn O'Connor/Brendan Kennedy
Deirdre Doyle Cup Brendan Kennedy -
Dina Copeman Cup Brendan Kennedy -
John Benson Cup Glenn O'Connor -
Dorothy Stokes Cup Ava Duffy Sondor Khasochir
Gillian Smith Cup Ava Duffy Iris Stoicescu
Joe Byrne Cup Ai Shen Sun Ethan Bai
Margaret Furlong Cup Riona Scahill Yuhan Xue
Sheila Rumbold Cup Jayden Liu Ariane Eugenie Selve/Oscar Shi
Valerie Walker Rosebowl Cup Irene Hou John Ding


Valerie Walker Rosebowl Gold Medals
Baroque Riona Scahill
Classical Matteo Ambrogio Matrangolo
Romantic Irene Hou
20th Century John Ding
Contemporary Johan Joby
Dorothy Stokes Rosebowl Gold Medals
Baroque Emily Oprisan
Classical Charlotte Croke/Iris Stoicescu
Romantic Ava Duffy
20th Century Sondor Khasochir