Enya Doyle RIAM

RIAM appoint Dr Enya Doyle as Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion advisor

Published: 4th Jun, 2021

The Royal Irish Academy of Music is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Enya Doyle to advise on our Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion journey. Dr Doyle has a wealth of knowledge and experience in carrying out inclusion research, audits, and training within the arts and education sectors, particularly in music. She is currently undertaking an audit of our data and the culture across our six learner groups, and her work encompasses both staff and students. Dr Doyle will also be helping us to establish and roll out a clear DEAI roadmap based on her findings.

Speaking about the appointment Prof. Deborah Kelleher, Director of the Royal Irish Academy of Music, said “We are at the beginning of a long journey of embedding diversity and inclusion into the core of what we do. Our mission is to be a safe and supportive environment for all who work and study with us. As we consider our place within the European and international conservatoire communities, we want to ensure that we are adapting, innovating and inspiring excellence while fostering positive relationships with our staff, students and stakeholders. We welcome Dr Doyle’s considerable expertise in this area and look forward to working with her to enhance our DEAI policies and practice."


Dr Enya Doyle's Biography

Originally from the North of Ireland, Dr Enya Doyle's collaborative, compassionate and creative approach and unwavering commitment to driving social change has been recognised on local and national levels for over ten years. Her doctorate on gender diversity and inclusion in music-making reflects her commitment to scrutinising the often subtle and underlying forms of exclusion which are embedded in practice, policy and organisational culture. She has presented the findings of her research on diversity and inclusion to audiences in Australia, the United States and throughout the UK. As a trained classical singer (DipLCM), a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Dr Doyle's inclusion consultancy work largely orbits around Higher Education and the Arts and Culture sectors in the UK and Ireland. She has taught and mentored undergraduate and postgraduate students, has sat on multiple university Student Support committees, and created and managed a first-of-its-kind peer mentoring scheme for third-level music students. Dr Doyle has produced and delivered bespoke training for a wide range of educational institutions in England such as Durham University and the University of York and for elite music organisations including the Royal Musical Association and the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain. These workshops have included the stigmas surrounding mental wellbeing for students and staff, how to talk about 'race', consent and victim-blaming as well as sessions on inclusive recruitment and inclusive leadership. Dr Doyle's work blends theory with practice, and she is wholeheartedly committed to empowering RIAM to enact authentic change in a realistic timeframe.