Le Cheile Project

RIAM Shortlisted for Business to Arts Award

Published: 21st Apr, 2021

The Royal Irish Academy of Music is delighted to have been shortlisted for an award in the Business to Arts Awards which took place on Wednesday 21st April.  We were selected as a finalist in the Best Philanthropic Support to the Arts category for the outstanding projects that the Lauritzson Foundation has made possible for us over the years and to highlight the Lauritzson Foundation’s strong commitment to the arts and music, with education at the core.

The Lauritzson Foundation has placed access and inclusion at the heart of the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Their gifts to the RIAM, covering a period from 2013 to 2020, made music participation a concrete possibility for the first time for many young people in Ireland who were previously excluded due to intellectual and physical challenges. 

Crucially, their gift in 2018, known as the ‘Overture’ to a major €23 million redevelopment of the RIAM, enabled disabled access to the building and inspired use of this access to create the Le Chéile inclusive ensembles and the Open Youth Orchestra of Ireland.  The Lauritzson Foundation’s ground-breaking support had the “nudge” effect of unlocking further support from other individuals, corporations and foundations.

The Lauritzson Foundation’s crowning gift to the Royal Irish Academy of Music is towards the Music Discovery Hub in RIAM’s new campus.  This will be the living symbol of RIAM’s welcome to all who wish to pursue music, drawing on the wonders of technology and creative spirit of the human soul to make and enjoy music.

The Business to Arts Awards recognise outstanding examples of artists, arts organisations, and businesses working together in areas such as sponsorship, commissioning, staff training and events, CSR initiatives, philanthropy and community engagement and we are delighted to have been part of this good news story in 2021.