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RIAM signs up to PRSF Keychange Pledge and Certified Proud

Published: 3rd Nov, 2022

The Royal Irish Academy of Music welcomes and promotes an inclusive working and learning environment based on the principles of equality, dignity and respect. As part of our ongoing journey to embed diversity and inclusion into the core of everything we do at RIAM, we are proud to announce new partnerships with PRSF Keychange Pledge and Certified Proud.

Keychange is an initiative developed by the PRS Foundation to support talented but underrepresented artists and encourage music organisations to take a pledge for gender equality. Our Keychange pledges for 2023 include:

  • Achieve 50:50 gender balance across RIAM visiting artists
  • Achieve 50:50 gender balance across composers performed by RIAM’s performing groups
  • Maintain 50:50 gender balance on RIAM’s Governing Body
  • Maintain 50:50 gender balance on all RIAM academic committees

RIAM is officially Certified Proud! Each Certified Proud member organisation agrees to operate under a set of guidelines which ensure equality, respect and dignity for LGBTQ+ employees and customers called “The Certified Proud Principles”.

To make respect a priority, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity; all employees and customers will be treated with dignity.

To create professional environments where treatment of all staff and customers is the same, ensuring everyone is given equal opportunity.

To offer both customers and staff a positive environment which actively embraces difference, emphasises dignity and rejects stigma.

To contribute to the complete elimination of societal inequality and proactively promote equal rights for LGBTQ+ individuals.

To appreciate that being Certified Proud means time, dedication, understanding and responsibility to the LGBTQ+ community, all year round.

To encourage accountability and responsibility throughout the workplace to ensure the safety of all LGBTQ+ staff and customers.

To increase positive representation of LGBTQ+ people in public life, to highlight issues affecting the community and give a voice to the marginalised in businesses across Ireland.

These initiatives form part of a larger Roadmap for RIAM that works towards greater diversity, equity, inclusion and access. The roadmap includes short, medium and long-term goals aimed at supporting the workforce to engage in training and to feel supported, making Junior RIAM a more inclusive experience, providing a more supportive and pluralistic experience for tertiary students, and connecting meaningfully with the wider RIAM community through outreach, RIAM Exams, and partnerships.