RIAM Winners at Feis Ceoil 2022

Success for Junior & Third Level Students at Feis Ceoil 2022

Published: 14th Apr, 2022

Congratulations to all RIAM students who took part in the 2022 Feis Ceoil. Students at both Junior and Senior levels enjoyed success across a large proportion of the 2022 2022 competitions.

The list of students below who placed either 1st or 2nd listed below is testimony to the talent, dedication and hard work of all students and their teachers in preparation for this prestigious competition. You can download an even longer list that includes all RIAM students who were also 'Very Highly Commended', 'Highly Commended', and 'Commended' at the Festival. 


Competition Name Prize/Place
10.01 Larchet Memorial Cup Justin O'Hagan 1st
13.01 Sr. Catherine McCauley Perpetual Cup Mark McCrystall 1st
13.03 Senior Organ Mark McCrystall 1st
13.05 Stanford Prize Luke Boyle 1st
14.02 Senior Flute Kim O'Brien 1st
  Eoin Fallon 2nd
14.03 Senior Woodwind Simon Carey 2nd
14.06 Senior Saxophone Pearce Wang 2nd
14.07 Senior Recorder Róisín Morahan 2nd
16.02 The Walton Cup Marguerite Troup 2nd
3.02 Gervase Elwes Memorial Cup Megan O Neill 1st
3.03 Plunket Greene Cup Aimee Kearney 1st
  Aimee Banks 2nd
3.06 Nancy Calthorpe Cup Aimee Banks 1st
3.09 German Government Cup Megan O Neill 1st
3.10 Denis O'Sullivan Medal Niamh Sheehy 1st
3.17 Senior Musical Theatre & Rathmines & Rathgar Cup Ashton Murphy 1st
  Jacq Herbots 2nd
3.19 The Vincent O'Brien Memorial Cup Eadaoin Hassett 1st
  Lauren McCann 2nd
3.22 Soprano Solo Lauren McCann 1st
  Shauna-Claire O'Callaghan 2nd
3.24 Contralto/Countertenor Solo Rachael Conaghan 1st
3.30 Corn Cuimneacháin Mhic Cathmhaoil Aimee Banks 1st
6.01 Elsner Memorial Cup Kevin O'Loughlin & Isolde O'Loughlin 1st
6.03 Chamber Music Cup Shane Quinn, Elizabeth Ní Mhaoláin, Elena Ryan & Doireann Ní Aodáin 1st
7.02 Arthur Darley Memorial Prize Kevin O'Loughlin 1st
7.04 Senior Viola Katie Ní Mhaoláin  2nd
7.06 Clyde Twelvetrees Cup David Blake 1st
7.07 Senior Violoncello Elena O'Connor 2nd
9.01 Morris Grant Bursary Joe O'Grady 1st
9.02 Hamilton Harty Cup David Vesey 1st
9.03 John A. Pigott Memorial Cup Glenn O'Connor 1st
9.05 Anthony Glavin Trophy & Awards Joe O'Grady 2nd
9.06 Huban Cup and Patrick Brennan €1,000 Award. Joe O'Grady 1st
9.09 Esposito Cup Johanna Dietz 2nd
9.10 Senior Pianoforte Solo Lynn Victory 1st
  Ronan McCague 2nd
9.11 Mabel Swainson Pianoforte Award Rachel O'Hara 1st
  Lucy Byrne 2nd


Competition Name Prize/Place
12.01 Patricia Read Memorial Cup Ava Duffy 2nd
12.02 Dorothy Stokes Cup Lohann Bonnec 1st
  Carol Yao 2nd
12.03 Claud Biggs Memorial Cup  Ava Duffy 2nd
12.04 Junior Concerto Iris Stoicescu 2nd
12.05 Rhona Marshall Cup Ríona Scahill 1st
12.07 Junior Pianoforte Solo (A) Seán Hughes 1st
12.08 Junior Pianoforte Solo (B) Juliette Carroll-Breen 1st
  Alexandra Keane 2nd
12.09 Junior Pianoforte Solo (C) Yikai Zhao 2nd
12.10 Junior Pianoforte Solo (D) Ai Shen Sun 2nd
15.01 Junior Flute (A) Betty O'Shea 1st
15.03 Junior Flute (C) Aran Cahalan 1st
  Clara Nic Síomóin 2nd
15.04 Junior Clarinet (A) Jekabs Brants 1st
15.05 Junior Clarinet (B) Michael Mac Canna 2nd
15.08 Junior Saxophone Iris De Mot Diez 1st
  David Li 2nd
  Clara Nic Síomóin 2nd
15.10 Junior Recorder - Descant (B) Ailbhe O'Loughlin 1st
17.02 Junior French Horn (B) Joshua Lynch 1st
  Christina Troup 2nd
17.04 Junior Trumpet/Cornet (B) Juliette Harford 1st
20.01 Percussion - New for 2022! Rafael Dale 2nd
4.02 Junior Vocal Recital Nicholas O'Neill 1st
4.08 Girls Vocal Solo (B) Charlotte Finnegan Quirke 1st
6.02 Rhoda Coghill Cup Adam Joyce & Lucy Byrne 1st
6.04 Junior Chamber Music Cup Charlotte Croke, Sarah Brazil & Elizabeth Troup 1st
7.11 Guitar Bach Prize Macdara Ó Raghallaigh 2nd
8.01 St Cecilia Cup Sarah Brazil 1st
  Kian Lee 2nd
8.08 Junior Viola (A) Cormac Ryan 1st
8.10 Junior Violoncello (A) Adam Joyce 1st
  Oliver Tang 2nd
8.11 Junior Violoncello (B) Anita Han 1st
  Victoria Turner 2nd
8.12 Junior Violoncello (C) Ailbhe O'Loughlin 1st
8.13 Junior Violoncello (D) Joseph Wiley 1st
  Ryan Keogh 2nd
8.14 Junior Violoncello (E) Dáire Mac Síomóin 2nd
8.17 Junior Classical Guitar (C) Michael Mac Canna 1st
  Caitlin Dassanayake 2nd
9.04 Nordell Cup Joe O'Grady 1st