Music tech equipment

Music Technology

Sonic arts explores the relationship between technology and creative practice, and here at the Royal Irish Academy of Music students receive tuition in and have access to hardware and software platforms and recording facilities to assist in the creation of cutting-edge, contemporary music.

A dedicated technology lab, equipped with iMacs, caters for all levels of student, from those merely wishing to use digital notation packages through to the student building custom software environments in modular packages.

Each workstation is equipped with a controller keyboard and installed with the latest industry standard software, ranging from digital notation packages, digital audio workstations, modular software, a host of VST packages, image and video production suites.

In addition to software-based tools students have access to hardware, be it portable recorders, cameras, microphones and multichannel speaker arrays for both the presentation and archival of recitals. The main recital hall is wired for recording, with multiple breakout boxes and equipped with an HD projector and screen for video presentation.