Scholarships & Bursaries (Third-level)

1848 Scholars

The RIAM has set aside a generous budget to offer financial assistance to incoming students each year. We offer 1848 scholars to those students who score highly at audition, in return for administrative or teaching/accompaniment work. 

There are two types of 1848 Scholars 

1.Administrative Assistance Scholars 

Examples of assistance include stewarding, music specialist administration (e.g. bowing/marking parts, scanning music), meeting prospective students, concert administration & presentation, and outreach projects 

€1,000 bursary is awarded for 75 Faculty Assistance Hours 

€2,000 bursary is awarded for 150 Faculty Assistance Hours 


2.Teaching/Accompaniment Assistance Scholars 

For teaching assistance, an interview post-audition will assess your previous teaching experience. Teaching assistants are allocated group classes, early years, or adult students. Accompaniment assistants are allocated rehearsals with students and class concerts. The Head of Faculty monitors all 1848 Scholars engaged in teaching. 

€1,650 bursary is awarded for 60 Teaching Assistance Hours 

€2,500 bursary is awarded for 90 Teaching Assistance Hours 

€5,000 bursary is awarded for 180 Teaching Assistance Hours 

We offer bursaries based on the ranking of applicants at audition. We also assess your willingness to take on administrative or teaching assistance work, and your aptitude for the work.