Young Artist Programme

The Royal Irish Academy of Music Young Artist Programme is an immersive programme that nurtures high potential pre-college talents aspiring to professional training.

The Young Artist Programme targets post-grade 8 secondary school students aged approximately 15-18 years.  Places are allocated by audition and are limited to 25 students at any one time. The programme is for two years with an option to further re-audition if under 18 at the time.
RIAM Young Artists have access to the following opportunities: 

•    Free chamber music coaching  
•    Performance opportunities  
•    Free tickets to RIAM and other events  
•    Masterclass participation  
•    Platform/presentation coaching  
•    Mentoring from music and other professionals  
•    Free recording  
•    Access to accompanists

Eligibility: Junior RIAM students attending secondary school in the 2021/2022 academic year. 
In exceptional circumstances, primary school students may be considered for the Young Artist Programme.  Teachers may only nominate one student in this category for consideration by the Heads of Faculty and Head of Junior RIAM.

Application Deadline: Monday, 31 January 2022, 5.00 pm. Unlisted YouTube link to Preliminary Round video submission must be provided on the application form.  

Preliminary Round: Video Recording submitted by Applicant by Monday, 31 January 2022, 5.00 pm. A RIAM accompanist is available for Preliminary Round recordings and competitors should email if they would like to avail of this.

Final Round: A short-list of candidates will be called to a live audition in Spring 2022. There will be an official RIAM accompanist provided for the Final. 

Programme: All candidates must present a contrasting programme of three works (or movements from larger works), up to a maximum limit of 15 minutes, of which a selection will be heard by the panel. The same programme may be presented for both the Preliminary and Final Rounds.

The Heads of Faculty and Head of Junior RIAM assess students who wish to be part of this programme. Cross-faculty balance representation is taken into in the selection process.

To apply for the Young Artist Programme, please fill in the application form below. Your teacher must approve your application. 

Video Submission Guidance

Videos must be uploaded to YouTube as an 'Unlisted' video (further details below) and the link must be included in the application form where advised.

Further Information on making your recorded video submission

Please find information on how to make a YouTube video here

Recommended settings for YouTube

In the video's settings tick the 'Unlisted' option in the Privacy section. This will allow only those with a direct link to the video to view it. The video will not appear in search results or on your YouTube channel (if you have one). Do not tick the ‘Private’ option as this may prevent us from viewing the video during the assessment process. Please ensure all links are active and viewable to people who have access to the direct link.