Réamonn Keary

New 'Key Skills—Piecing it Together' Video Series with Réamonn Keary

Published: 15th Apr, 2020

We are delighted to present 'Key Skills—Piecing it Together,' a new series of videos by the wonderful Prof. Réamonn Keary

Inspired by the annual Key Skills workshops that Réamonn delivers to piano teachers across the country, along with RIAM Chief Examiner Lorna Horan, the series breaks down the RIAM Piano Albums piece by piece, addressing specific elements of theory and technique along the way. The series is designed to guide students practising on their own or, for those of us in a position to continue teaching online, can be sent to students as preparatory material for lessons with their teacher.

New video each weekday on the RIAM Teaching & Learning YouTube channel